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Help gather the data that global organisations need to campaign for better practice in the production, use and processing of plastic waste.

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Watch this short video to find out about how we're using data to reduce plastic waste.

Improve local waste management

supporting local activitism

Regular waste audits help our partners gather evidence to improve local waste management. In Maputo, a city famed for its sandy beaches, Repensar uses data to engage with the municipal waste authority. 

Their data informed more efficient waste collection routes to prevent waste from entering the city's waterways.

Campaign for better policy

influencing national policy

Many countries in Africa face huge, systemic challenges with managing waste. We can help inform more sustainable decisions about how to collect and process waste. 

In March 2022, we worked with the Global Green Growth Intative (GGGI) to launch Wastebase as an official plastic monitoring platform in Rwanda, supported by the national Environmental Management Agency (REMA).

Encourage better practice

informing global producers

People and organisations who want to reduce plastic waste can use our data to demonstrate the problem to industry and government decision-makers, and make a stronger case for change. 

We recently spoke at the Let’s Do It World Clean Conference, are associate members of Break Free from Plastic and members of the PREVENT Waste Alliance

Wastebase shows plastic producers and brand owners exactly where their products end up. 

This map shows where we found waste products (in red) linked to where manufacturers are based (in blue). See the source data at

How we use your donations

Your donations directly support collection and recording of a specific number of products, depending on how much you are able to contribute. 

Wastebase Data Partner 63.5%*

The majority of your donation supports local collection and data enrichment. This is about 4 US cents per scan. It covers: direct costs to our NGO partners (such as transportation, mobile data, refreshments) as well as supplementary activities (such as research about products and brands, validation of data in the Wastebase portal, and communication with stakeholders). Ltd 23.8%*

Our company receives 2 US Cents per scan. This covers: platform hosting and data transfer costs, system maintenance and development, training and support to partner NGOs.

Admin and transaction fees 12.5%*

This includes the fees for our crowdfunding platforms (Chuffed and Crowdfunder), payment processing (Stripe) fee, our bank's fee for receiving donations, fees for transferring funds to our partner NGOs, and currency conversion fees.

*approximate, based on a regular donation of $100 per month for 1250 scans through StartSomeGood.

For regular supporters, our system matches your donations to specific data collections, so we can tell you exactly where your support is going.