Our partners

Collaboration drives change

We establish partnerships in each country where we operate. All of our partners are organisations active in the zero waste movement. Our partners support us to:

  • collect and manage data about discarded plastic in the local environment

  • understand and engage with the waste economy in their area.

We train partners to gather structured, robust data using Wastebase. Partners incorporate data collection into their day to day activities, and encourage other stakeholders (such as concerned citizens) to participate in crowdsourcing information about plastic waste. Partners also perform background research to link product data to brands, manufacturers and distributors. You can see the results at https://wastebase.org/#/data.

People in high vis jackets collecting plastic bottles from a highway. Bags full of plastic bottles.
Repensar logo

Mozambique (MZ)

Repensar Environmental Education Cooperative

Repensar ("Rethink" in portuguese) is a cooperative based in Maputo and active across Mozambique. Their work to promote environmental education (formal and informal) and the circular economy is supported by environmental research and local activism.

Website: Repensar's Facebook Page

Contact: mozambique@wastebase.org

Data: Recent data collection activity by Repensar

Visualize: Top ten bottle pollution producers in Mozambique

Tanzania (TZ)


Nipe Fagio (“give me the broom” in Swahili) is a civil society organisation which aims to empower individuals, civil society, the private sector and government to build lasting change towards turning Tanzania into a clean and sustainable country, in terms of waste management and pollution reduction. Working a cross-sector approach, Nipe Fagio integrates stakeholders by identifying needs and opportunities related to sustainable development – building the capacity of each one to add value and engage in a win-win integrated solution.

Website: Nipefagio's Website

Contact: tanzania@wastebase.org

Data: Recent data collection activity by Nipefagio

Visualize: Top ten bottle pollution producers in Tanzania

Centre for Zero Waste and Development logo
Group of people from CZWDA standing together

Zambia (ZM)

Centre for Zero Waste and Development in Africa (CZWDA)

CZWDA is a non-profit organization working to address the challenges faced by waste management systems in Africa. They actively engage the general public, private sector organizations, policy makers and local government in sustainable Zero Waste strategies and climate solutions. They build capacity for citizen participation in safeguarding natural resources, particularly amongst young people, women and children.

Website: CZWDA's Website

Contact: zambia@wastebase.org

Data: Recent data collection activity by CZDWA

Visualize: Top ten bottle pollution producers in Zambia