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a digital platform supporting a circular economy for plastic waste

Digital tools to reduce plastic waste in our environment

Wastebase supports a better lifecycle for plastic where traditional solid waste management faces systemic constraints.

Wastebase DEAL

Creating fairer, more circular markets for plastic waste.

Our Wastebase DEAL app connects informal waste collectors with local recyclers and reprocessors.

Collectors get transparent pricing and transaction execution. Reprocessors get improved quality and consistency of supply. Read one collector's story here.

Contact us to discuss feasibility for your city.

Wastebase DATA

Crowdsourcing data about where plastic waste ends up.

Our Wastebase DATA app helps campaigners and researchers record and analyse data from waste & brand audits: encouraging producers and consumers to be accountable for the plastic they make, use & discard.

Contact us to book free training for faster, cheaper data gathering and sharing.

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Explore our data

Visit wastebase.org to use our interactive data dashboard for monitoring single-use plastic waste.

Or read more about the data collected in Wastebase.

Get a regular local supply of recyclable waste

Do you run a recycling or waste management company based in sub-saharan Africa? Or an industry association or non-profit that works to promote waste circularity?

Email deal@unwaste.io to learn more about how Wastebase DEAL helps waste reprocessors buy from a wider group of informal suppliers.

Try our app

Visit plastictracking.app on your phone to try our app without installing it - it's free!

Or if you'd like to install it, visit wastebase.app on your phone (Android or iPhone) and follow the instructions.

You can search for data as soon as you install, but if you would like to record data in the app, you will need to register as a user. You can do this from the app - it's free.

Help us get more data

Support our crowdfunding to help us get more data and remove plastic from the environment.