a cloud platform supporting a circular economy for plastic waste

We use data to connect everyone who can help reduce plastic waste entering our environment.

"Year on year, millions of tonnes of plastic, worth billions of dollars, ends up in landfills, is burned, or leaked into the environment. If we don't rethink its use, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish by 2050." Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Unwaste.io is building a digital platform to help deal with the production and discarding of plastic waste. We target countries where traditional solid waste management faces systemic constraints. Our approach is built around four themes:

Empty plastic bottles lying on a beach with waves coming in.

Waste management

Our data can help improve collection and reduce leakage from municipal solid waste (MSW) systems. Better management of waste is critical to reducing the volume of plastic waste in our oceans.

A man walks on a mountain of plastic bottles as he carries a sack of them to be sold for recycling (AP Photo/Ben Curtis)

Unlocking value

We are building our platform to realise value for everyone in the plastic waste economy, from producers to collectors and recyclers to campaigners and researchers, and those in marginal and informal sectors.

3 empty plastic bottles on the ground. the first has a label, the other two have no labels but are the same design of bottle.

Crowdsourced data

Brand Audits, pioneered by the Break Free from Plastic movement, give us data to encourage producers, consumers and everyone in between to be accountable for the plastic they make, use and discard. Our platform makes it easier to record, analyse and share data from Brand Audits.

Man crouched down. He is wearing a hi vis jacket and using a smartphone to scan a barcode on a plastic bottle. He is in an open space.

Emerging tech

We're using emerging technologies in the cloud, geo, social and machine learning spaces. This means we can trial faster, cheaper solutions to data gathering, plastic waste management. We can also support new, productive relationships between different actors within the plastics economy.

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